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Roberta Marvel, Director



Making the Most of Casper College Flex Lab Learning

  • Is learning a life-long endeavor for you?
  • Are you an independent worker?
  • Are you resourceful?
  • Do you prefer to have some input about what you learn?
  • Are you self-motivated?
  • Do you believe you are responsible for what you learn?
  • Can you make good use of your time?
  • Are you ready to achieve personal, professional or academic goals?

What the Casper College Flex Lab offers:

  • A focus on self-directed learning
  • A way to achieve personal, professional or academic goals in a flexible setting to better accommodate your time schedule
  • A qualified instructor who will help you set and achieve your goals using state-of-the-art equipment and software
  • An open entrance and open exit into classes – you are no longer tied to the standard semester schedule
  • The ability to work at your own pace
  • A variety of one- and two-credit hour classes to meet your individual needs
Flex Lab
  • Computer Keyboarding
    CMAP 1500: One credit hour
    Learn the proper use of the keyboard and work on building your typing speed. This class offers hands-on experience and is designed for students with no previous keyboarding instruction. Available for S/U or letter grade.

  • Computer Keyboarding II
    1506: One credit hour
    This is designed for students with limited typing skills who need to improve technique, speed or accuracy. This course gives students additional hands-on experience using the computer keyboard to improve speed and accuracy while learning word processing and formatting skills.

  • Database App I: MS Access
    CMAP 1800: One credit hour
    Learn the basic concepts of databases which include how to design, create, edit, sort, index, and search database files. Students will use Wizards to create queries, tables, forms, and reports.

  • Database App II: MS Access
    CMAP 1805: One credit hour
    A continuation of "Database App I." Students will create advanced queries and learn how to enhance table design. Students will also learn how to create custom forms and reports as well as how to integrate and analyze data.

  • Database App III: MS Access
    CMAP 1810: One credit hour
    The third leg of the Database App series will cover the advanced features of Access. Students will learn how to create action queries, automate tasks, manage, and secure a database.

  • Introduction to Computers
    CMAP 1505: One credit hour
    An introductory course for students who are interested in learning about personal computing. Students will learn about current computer terminology, hardware/software, e-mail, and disk maintenance. Gain some hands on experience using popular business software and the Internet.

  • Keyboarding Speed and Accuracy
    BOTK 1655: One credit hour
    This course provides students with proven techniques for improving their keyboarding precision and performance. It offers students the opportunity to move their keyboarding efficiency to the next level once they have learned the proper use of the keyboard. The drills are designed to increase keying speeds while maintaining a high degree of accuracy.

  • MS Outlook 2007
    CMAP 1886: One credit hour
    Learn how to use your computer to help get organized. Students will learn how to keep track of appointments, e-mails, faxes, addresses, to-do lists, and reminder notes.

  • Presentation Graphics I: PowerPoint
    CMAP 2630: 1-3 credit hours
    Learn how to design and create a presentation with special effects. Students will learn to insert objects and become familiar with PowerPoint views and templates.

  • Presentation Graphics II: PowerPoint
    CMAP 2636: One credit hour
    A continuation of Presentation Graphics I, students will integrate PowerPoint with other programs, customize handouts, and incorporate advanced special effects and create special types of presentations.

  • Spreadsheet App I: MS Excel
    CMAP 1750: One credit hour
    Learn the basics of creating spreadsheets, which include formatting and charts. Students will also learn how to build formulas and work with statistical functions.

  • Spreadsheet App II: MS Excel
    CMAP 1755: One credit hour
    A continuation of "Spreadsheet App I," students will work with financial functions, data tables and templates. Students will also learn how to query data, use range names and create multiple worksheet formulas.

  • Spreadsheet App III: MS Excel
    CMAP 1760: One credit hour
    This is a continuation of "Spreadsheet App II." Students will learn the advanced features of Excel, which include creating and using macros, auditing formulas for errors, and working with pivot charts and tables.

  • Word Processing I: MS Word
    CMAP 1700: One credit hour
    Learn the basic techniques of word processing. Students will create, edit, and format documents including bulleted lists and tables.

  • Word Processing App II: MS Word
    CMAP 1705: One credit hour
    A continuation of "Word Processing II," students will learn how to use the desktop publishing features of Word, which include graphical objects and columns. Learn how to create a mail merge, use templates, and work with linked or embedded objects.

  • Word Processing App III: MS Word
    CMAP 1710: One credit hour
    This course introduces the advanced features of Word. Students learn how to create and run macros, work with a table of contents and an index, insert comments, and create forms.
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