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Click here to get your degree Fact SheetThe Emergency Management Associate Degree program is designed for individuals who are seeking careers that are related to management of emergency and catastrophic situations. Tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, hazardous chemical spills, and acts of terrorism are all examples of public emergencies in which lives and property are threatened. This degree will prepare the student for a position in public or private sector agencies and organizations that work to minimize the effects of disasters on the public through mitigation, public education, and planning effective response operations.

Through the program the student will learn to become an effective planner, problem solver, decision maker and communicator. The student will learn the basic concepts of emergency management and its integration into the government and private sectors. The student will also learn how to develop an up-to-date emergency plan that meets local, state, and federal regulations. Our program also works to develop skills in leadership and decision making which are important in emergency situations.

Contact Information:
Rachel Wright
Academic Assistant
BU 103

      Stewart Anderson
Program Contact

EMGT 1500 Principles of Emergency Management (2L,2CR):
The basic concepts of emergency management and its integration into government and the private sector. Students will identify hazards and coordinating planning, response and recovery from disasters.

EMGT 1530 Emergency Planning (2L,2CR):
Course is designed to walk participants through development of an emergency operations plan. This will be a team approach on how to create an effective,
up-to-date emergency plan that meets local, state, and federal requirements.

EMGT 1580 Critical Decision Making (2L,2CR):
Participants will be able to clearly identify a problem and its cause in order to determine the appropriate type of decision-making style. Participants will be able to apply creative solutions to both emergency and nonemergency situations.

EMGT 1590 Leadership/Influence and Decision Making/Problem Solving (2L,2CR):
Students will learn to apply situational leadership and decision making in emergency management situations.

EMGT 1610 Incident Command System (2L,2CR):
An emergency management course as a management tool to assist in managing both large and small emergency events as well as pre-planned events. Topics will include command and general staff, unified command and multi-agency coordination.

EMGT 1630 Emergency Operations Center/Operations (1L,1CR):
This course will provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate an emergency operations center during an emergency and/or disaster.

EMGT 1650 Resource Management (1L,1CR):
This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively identify, develop and manage a resource management system.

EMGT 1670 ICS/EPC Interface (1L,1CR):
This course will review the ICS and EPC model of emergency management operations, including coordination, communication and chief executive decision making.

EMGT 1810 Developing Volunteer Resources (1L,1CR):
Participants will recognize and enhance management of volunteer resources involvement in all phases of emergency management.

EMGT 1820 Planning for Terrorism Events (2L,2CR):
An emergency management course designed to assist local emergency personnel in developing a terrorism plan. By making more professionals capable of planning for and managing the response to a terrorist incident, facilities and jurisdictions will be more self-sufficient. This training will result in greater readiness for population protection and higher quality management of a response.

EMGT 1830 Response to Mass Fatalities (2L,2CR):
An emergency management course designed to prepare students, response personnel and other responsible professionals to handle a mass fatality incident effectively by properly caring for the dead and the living - both responders and survivors.

EMGT 2570 Basic Public Information Officer (1L,1CR):
This course will provide participants with the basic skills needed to perform public information duties as they relate to emergency management.

EMGT 2610 Disaster Exercises (3L,3CR):
The process of planning, executing and evaluating various types of exercises as it pertains to emergency plans of government entities and the private sector.

EMGT 2640 Disaster Resource and Recovery Operations (3L,3CR):
Participants will be introduced to basic concepts and operations of a disaster environment, especially in terms of major disaster incidents, and to broaden and enhance their understanding of state and local roles and responsibilities and their importance to overall response and recovery efforts. The course also addresses the coordination and problem-solving aspects of disaster operations.

EMGT 2870 Mitigation Planning (2L,2CR):
This course will provide participants with the opportunity to learn and apply skills that will enable them to carry out mitigation responsibilities in accordance with the National Mitigation Strategy and applicable regulations and standards.

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