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Electric Power Plant Technology Instructor

Larry J. (Sissy) Goodwin
CS 107
Casper College
125 College Drive
Casper, WY 82601

B.S., University of Wyoming

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BS University of Wyoming
Cannon Aeronautical Center, FAA Licensed Airframe & Powerplant Maintenance Technician
Escuela de Español, San José El Viejo, Guatemala
Private Pilot, Single Engine, Land

Work Experience:
Ranch Hand, Laborer
USAF Veteran, C-130 Maintenance Technician, Vietnam
Aircraft Mechanic, Fixed Base Operators
Electric Power Production:
Systems Operator
Boiler-Turbine Operator
Control Operator
Power Plant Training Supervisor
Instructor, Casper College, Electric Power Technology

POWR 1500-COURSE DESCRIPTION: The first semester course will be designed to address initial apprentice program topics, basic energy industry principles, power plant systems, regulatory overviews. Students will be introduced to power plant operations. Power plant history, settings, roles, values and ethical/legal dimensions are examined. The philosophy and conceptual framework of the Casper College power plant program are explored.

POWR 1600-COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will be designed to address power plant fuel supply and control systems. Students will be introduced to a supply systems overview. The uses of and relationships among oil, gas and coal fuel systems will be explored. Fuel transportation and control systems will be described and proper operating procedures will be explained.

POWR 2600-COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will be designed to address supply air and water, and emission control topics. Students will explore in depth air, water and ash management systems and their relationship to plant operation. Environmental protection strategies for coal, oil, gas and transportation processes will be presented.

POWR 1565-COURSE DESCRIPTION: The course is an introduction to the basic water treatment processes that may be found in a typical electric power production facility. Students will be introduced to the systems, operation and key components of; water sources, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, reverse osmosis, continuous deionization, ion exchange softening and demineralization. Included will be an overview of waste water management and sewage treatment.

POWR 1980-COURSE DESCRIPTION: This class is designed to give students hands-on training in Electric Power Generator facilities. A student working for an employer is responsible for employment verification and documentation of hours worked and jobs done. Students staying on campus will meet the training requirements of the department.

ENVT 1600-COURSE DESCRIPTION: The course is an introduction to safety issues that affect personnel in the electric power industry. The course will review general safety issues and specific Occupational Safety and Health (OHSA) regulations. The topics to be covered include: drugs in the work place, hazardous materials, accident prevention and hazard recognition, hazards of PRB coal, hydrogen, personal protective equipment, toxic gases and respiratory protection, confined space safety, spill prevention and response, chemical handling safety, job task analysis, fire prevention and incipient stage fire fighting, walking/working surfaces and fall protection, hot weather safety, machine guarding, emergency planning and evacuation, and general safety practices.

Married 31 Years, Vickie
Two Children, Travis & Kristi
Two Granddaughters, Brittany & Skye

Participant in the Veterans for Peace (VFP), Central America War Relief project, have spent extensive time in rural; El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Chiapas, MX and Cuba working to help restore peace and justice.
Built from blueprints a; 180 HP, Pitts Aerobatic Bi-plane, FAA registration N57LV
Published in the Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling
Enjoy; traveling with my wife, landscaping, playing golf and riding my motorcycle

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