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Continuing Education Schedule - Spring 2017 (PDF)
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Customer Service Basics
We will discuss effective customer service strategies, the types of customers you may encounter, and techniques to deal with diffi cult situations to get the best outcome for your customer, you, and your company.
Course # CEU 0475 80
.2 CEUs
Tue., Mar. 28
6:30–8:30 p.m.
Location: GW 222
Instructor: Dana Volney
Cost: $60

Emotional Intelligence
Research is fi nding that emotional intelligence (EQ) is a better predictor of success in the workplace than IQ. Discover what EQ involves, including the four components of self-awareness, selfmanagement,
social awareness, and relationship management. Learn practical strategies and tools to improve your EQ in the workplace and your personal life. Learn how to connect with your coworkers and navigate confl ict in everyday life. This class is based on the book “Emotional Intelligence 2.0.”
Course # CEU 0940 80
.25 CEUs
Thur., Mar. 23
9–11:30 a.m.
Location: GW 223
Instructor: Janet Hoyt
Cost: $60

Facebook for Your Business: Advanced
Learn how to use Facebook to build successful and engaging campaigns for your business. We will discuss Facebook marketing fundamentals, including growing your fan base and driving relevant and authentic engagement with your business. This class is for people who have a current Facebook page that
they have used before. Bring a laptop or tablet to class.
Course # CEU 1077 80
.2 CEUs
Tue., Apr. 4
9:30–11:30 a.m.
Location: GW 223
Instructor: Dana Volney
Cost: $60

Grant Writing I
Successful grant writing takes skill and knowledge. This class covers the foundations of grant writing including terminology, funding source types, reading a request for proposal, and budgets. Learn the fundamental components of a grant proposal, how to research funding opportunities, and how to prepare a grant proposal.
Course # CEU 0705 80
.2 CEUs
Mon., Mar. 13
3–5 p.m.
Location: GW 222
Instructor: Jennifer Dyer
Cost: $60

Reflective Leadership
In today’s world of overscheduled calendars, we rarely get moments to refl ect on how we are doing. This class is for leaders in any field who need a respite from a demanding career as a leader and manager of other people. Take time to refl ect on your leadership strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to use
refl ective practices to become a centered leader. A curated list of leadership readings will be provided.
Course # CEU 0511 80
.2 CEUs
Thur., Apr. 20
1–3 p.m.
Location: GW 222
Instructor: Melissa Stahley-Cummings
Cost: $60

Starting a Business
Learn how to turn your great ideas into a viable business. We will discuss the steps to start a business, unknowns that take new business owners by surprise, idea viability, and marketing your idea to your target market.
Course # CEU 0510 80
.2 CEUs
Tue., Apr. 25
9:30–11:30 a.m.
Location: GW 222
Instructor: Dana Volney
Cost: $60

QuickBooks®: Payroll
Learn how to use QuickBooks to develop a payroll system that works for your business. Learn how to set up employee records, prepare and process payroll, make tax liability payments, develop quarterly and annual payroll reports, track payroll by class or department, and use advanced payroll additions (reimbursements) and deductions (cafeteria elections, retirement contributions, garnishments). We will discuss electronic, computerized, and paperless payroll options and reports you can customize for your business. You must have a working knowledge ot QuickBooks to take this class.
Course # CEU 1154 80
.4 CEUs
Fri., May 5
8:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
Location: BU 127
Instructor: Tabetha Berge, CPA
Cost: $95


PTSB Credit

Online Classes

Earn 1.5 PTSB credits by taking an ed2go online class. Classesm run for six weeks and cost $89 per class. To gain approval for classes that are not preapproved, contact the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board at 307-777-7291. Classes must be educationally related and fall into one or more
of the following categories: improving your role as an educator , improving your classroom skills, improving your knowledge related to your specifi c teaching area(s), or improving student achievement. To see the complete list of classes or to register go to Following are some of the classes preapproved for PTSB.

• Creating a Classroom Web Site
• Enhancing Language Development in Childhood
• Guided Reading and Writing: Strategies for Maximum Student Achievement
• Integrating Technology in the Classroom
• Teaching ESL/EFL Grammar
• Teaching ESL/EFL Reading
• Teaching ESL/EFL Vocabulary
• Teaching Math: Grades 4–6
• Teaching Science: Grades 4–6
• Teaching Smarter with SMART Boards
• Teaching Students with ADHD
• Using the Internet in the Classroom
• Writing for ESL