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Willing to help in a time of crisis

Casper College cannot "endorse" any of these individuals, but are providing the names of those who've offered to help during these trying times should the need arise for any of our students.

Listed below, by Wyoming county, are several individuals and agencies who are willing to assist Casper College students and employees impacted by the tragedy that occurred on campus November 30, 2012. Many of their services will be available during the time that students are off for Winter Break, beginning December 10 and running through January 13, unless otherwise stated. College counselors will be available on campus except during the time beginning Christmas Eve and running through New Year’s Day.

A few resources for out-of-state students are offered at the bottom of this list as well. Please identify yourself as a Casper College student or employee when contacting these resources, as special fee arrangements might be available. All counselors listed are licensed through the Wyoming Mental Health Professions Licensing Board and/or similar licensing entities.

In addition, Alana Ham from the Victims Services Unit of the Casper Police Department can be reached at 307-235-7576. She is not a counselor, but is available to answer questions about the campus incident and discuss other forms of assistance that might be needed.

  • Albany County
    Katie Wille, Laramie, 219-928-3613
    Janet Upchurch, Laramie, 307-460-2775
    Emily Siegel, Laramie, 307-399-4508
    Tanaya Moon Morris, Pathways, Laramie, 307-760-6340
    Nicole Hauser, Laramie, 307-399-0060,
    Maureen Lutterman, AlpenGlow Wellness, Laramie, 307-760-1998,
    Matha Nesslinger, Outpatient Clinic, Laramie, 307-755-1000
    Chuck Denison, Laramie, 307-745-7200
    Michelle Worden, Laramie, 307-742-9390

  • Big Horn County
    Heather Sandford, Greybull/Basin, 307-272-6938 (not available December 21 through 26)
    Michelle Croft, Lovell (also serving anyone from Greybull/Basin/Cowley/Byron/Fannie/Deaver/Powell), 307-272-7588

  • Campbell County
    Cheryl Wales, Gillette (also Hulett/Moorcroft/Upton/Newcastle/Wright), 307-290-0317,
    Sherry Bertoncelj, Personal Frontiers, Gillette, 307-686-1189 (free support group session, 12-13-12 @ 9:00 a.m.)
    Behavioral Health Services of Campbell County Memorial Hospital, 307-688-5000
    Pat Nesbit, Gillette, 307-685-8189
    Michelle Dubovsky, Gillette, 307-660-2057

  • Carbon County
    Carbon County Counseling Center, Rawlins, 307-324-7156
    Kelly Skordas, Uplift Counseling, Rawlins, 307-324-5899
    Ron Hoopes, Saratoga, 307-760-3700

  • Converse County
    Solutions for Life, Douglas/Glenrock, 307-358-2846

  • Crook County
    Rita Van Norman, Northern Wyoming Mental Health Center, Sundance/Hulett/Moorcroft, 307-283-3636
    (Northern Wyoming Mental Health Centers cover Crook, Johnson, Sheridan, and Weston counties; look under “Counseling” in the Yellow Pages of your particular area for specific phone numbers)

  • Fremont County
    Deb Starks, Riverton, 307-804-1146
    Lacey Hanson, Riverton, 307-840-2266,
    Stacey Stansbury, Lander Valley School, Lander, 307-332-5590
    Fremont Counseling Services, Riverton, 307-856-7489 OR Lander, 307-332-4233
    Christine Bonham, Renewed Hope Counseling, Riverton, 307-709-5075
    Charlie Wilson, Lander, 307-330-4625
    Debbie Pierce, Gaits of Change, Riverton, 307-856-3028

  • Goshen County
    Michele Ogburn, Goshen Care Center, Torrington, 307-534-7039
    Jamie Rettinger, Torrington, 307-224-4358 (ext. 50146)
    Karen Stricker, New Hope Counseling, Torrington, 307-532-2119
    Heidi Edmunds, Torrington, 307-532-8296,

  • Hot Springs County

  • Johnson County

  • Laramie County
    Stephanie Wortman, Cheyenne, 307-421-0100
    Jerri Dixon, Cheyenne, 307-214-3135
    Sheri Fluellen, Mind Spa, Cheyenne, 307-509-0772
    Lindsay Simineo, Mind Spa, Cheyenne, 307-509-0772
    Sonjia Serda, Break Through Counseling, Mediation, & Consultation, Cheyenne, 307-514-2781
    Dick Berry/Ron Jeffery, Office of Youth Alternatives, Cheyenne, 307-637-6480
    Bob Funk, Cheyenne, 620-290-2674
    Tammy Camery, Cheyene, 307-214-8190,
    Renee Hanson, Hanson & Associates, Cheyenne, 307-631-9931
    James P. Nelson, Foundations Counseling & Consulting, Cheyenne, 307-638-4092
    Roger Ludwig, Cheyenne, 307-637-5004
    Dan Fisher, New Leaf Counseling, Cheyenne, 307-631-3734

  • Lincoln County
    Lia Brewer, Kemmerer, 307-877-3446
    Andrew Parker, High Country Behavioral health, Afton/Kemmerer/Evanston/Pinedale), 307-885-9883,

  • Natrona County
    Three Trails Employee and Family Assistance Program, Casper, 237-575,
    Park Ridge Behavioral Health, Casper, 307-462-4876
    Central Wyoming Counseling Center, Casper, 307-237-9583
    Linda Butts, Casper, 333-2359
    Stacie Dilts-Harryman, Casper, 307-259-3849
    Verline Davis, Casper, 307-462-4876
    John Ordiway, Casper,
    Deb Michael, Casper, 307-232-6096 or 258-7283
    Candace Lopez, Casper, 307-258-9956
    William Shutts, Casper, 307-797-8538
    Joanne Risser-Hicks, Transitions Family Counseling & Mediation, Casper, 307-265-2555
    Barbara Ralph, Casper, 307-253-9549
    Karen Harden, Casper, 237-6176 (unavailable between Christmas and New Year’s)
    David Renaud, Self-Help Center, Casper, 235-2814
    Dama Matchett, Casper, Casper, 235-3333
    Becky Wilkinson, Casper, 307-215-6988
    Shawnna Punteney, Peace of Mind Counseling, Casper, 307-337-3129
    Lynn Scott, Casper and surrounding communities, 208-390-2177
    Dee Lundberg, UCC, Casper, 307-266-4447,
    Tonya Yelton, Casper, 307-265-6420 (leave info, even though answering machine says no new clients)
    Codie Wallace, Complete Care Counseling, Casper, 307-797-1726 (unavailable between Christmas and New Year’s)
    Sheri Wester, Casper, 307-262-3515 (after New Year’s)
    John Ordiway, Casper, 307-258-4672
    Myra Ford, The Prairie Institute, Casper, 307-266-2580
    Julie Feiler, Casper (Equine Assisted Mental health), 307-262-4688,
    Mercer Family Resource Center, Casper, 265-7366
    David Allhusen, Casper, 307-235-4143, ext. 1206
    Cindy Parrish, Casper, 307-237-7747
    Lori Hicks, Casper/Douglas, 307-472-9890

  • Niobrara County

  • Park County
    David T. Cote, Yellowstone Behavioral Health Center, Cody/Powell, 307-587-2197
    Kristin Sween, Yellowstone Behavioral Health Center, Cody/Powell, 307-587-2197
    Theo Riley, Cody, 307-587-9503
    Denise Marcz, Cody/Powell, 307-250-8191
    Justin McColl, Veritatis Splendor Counseling, Cody, 307-213-4341
    Leyle Dim, Phoenix Rising Counseling, Cody, 307-587-6288
    Julie Laib, Cody/Powell, 307-587-9755

  • Platte County
    Steve Mincer, Peak Wellness, Wheatland, 307-322-3190

  • Sheridan County
    Claudia Welborn, Sheridan, (unavailable January 1st - 4th)
    Dawn Sopron, Sheridan, 307-752-7016
    Kelly White, Sheridan, 307-655-9626
    Beth Martini, Sheridan, 307-763-0137
    Malinda Fairbanks, Sheridan VA Medical Center, Sheridan, 307-672-3473, ext. 3810
    Krystak Raley, Kross Fire Counseling & Equine Enterprises, Sheridan, 307-751-3769

  • Sublette County
    Maike Tan, Sublette Center, 307-367-4161 (ext. 123)

  • Sweetwater County
    Family Dynamics Counseling, Rock Springs/Green River, 307-382-3010
    Southwest Counseling Service, Rock Springs, 307-352-6677
    Cynthia Lane, Better Solutions Counseling Center, Rock Springs, 307-382-3058

  • Teton County
    Dom Wilks, Curran-Seeley Foundation, Jackson, 307-733-3908 ext. 21)
    Penny Mohan, Jackson, 307-690-3014
    Laura Santomauro, Jackson, 307-690-2153
    Bob Skaggs, Jackson, 307-732-2466
    Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center, Jackson/Alpine, 307-733-2046
    Evan Daily, Jackson, 307-732-3230
    Katsey Long, Jackson, 307-734-1980
    Oliver P. Goss, Jackson, 307-699-4330 (after 12-28-12)
    Christina Riley, Victor, ID and Jackson, WY, 307-730-7060,
    Sarah S. Dunn, Driggs, ID and Jackson, WY, 208-201-5686

  • Uinta County
    Julia Murray, Frontier Psychological Associates, Evanston, 307-789-6773

  • Washakie County
    Kathleen Smith, Worland, 307-431-8005
    Brock Greek, First Step Counseling, Worland, 307-431-2712
    Bob Bayuk, 307-347-8411

  • Weston County

  • Out-of-state resources
    Brian Young, Flagstaff, AZ, 928-853-9939
    Tommie Walton, Athens, GA, 706-369-0970 (after 12-25-12)
    Linnea Tobias, Pueblo, CO, 719-568-7319
    Connections Mental Health & Substance Abuse Resources, Fort Collins, CO, 970-221-5551
    Cheryl Ikeda, Billings, MT, 406-255-8481
    Sandra Raney, Scottsbluff, NE, 308-225-0611
    Raven Maples, Knoxville, TN, 865-399-8712 (Distance Credentialed Counselor, call or text)
    Talon Greff, Cottonwood Heights, UT, 801-577-0360
    Jim R. Jacobs, LDS Family Services, Aurora, CO and Denver Metro Area, 303-576-4611
    Diana Kersten, Billings, MT, 406-238-2878
    Christina Riley, Victor, ID and Jackson, WY, 307-730-7060,
    Sarah S. Dunn, Driggs, ID and Jackson, WY, 208-201-5686

Willing to help in a time of crisis

Casper College cannot "endorse" any of these individuals, but are providing the names of those who've offered to help during these trying times should the need arise for any of our students.

Listed below are several faith-based individuals and agencies who are willing to assist Casper College students and employees impacted by the tragedy that occurred on campus November 30, 2012. Many of their services will be available during the time that students are off for Winter Break, beginning December 10 and running through January 13, unless otherwise stated. College counselors will be available on campus except during the time beginning Christmas Eve and running through New Year’s Day.

  • The Healing Place
    5725 Highland Drive
    Located at Highland Park Community Church/suggested donation for average college student $5-10 per session (not required)
    Masters-level or higher/state certified.

  • Rev. Cynthia McBride
    234-8964 or 406-930-1099
    First Christian Church
    520 CY Ave
    Charles McBride mess. 2349-8964 MA,LPC,NCC

  • Rev. Dee Lundberg
    United Church of Christ
    1511 S. Melrose
    Licensed therapist/20 years grief work experience

  • Harold Bradshaw
    Highland Park Community Church
    5725 Highland Drive
    Youth Pastor

  • Tami Rudkin
    Highland Park Community Church
    5725 Highland Drive
    Highland Park Community Church Associate Pastor

  • Pastor Randy Raver
    Restoration Church
    411 S. Walsh

  • Pamela RW Kandt
    St. Marks Episcopal Church
    701 S. Wolcott
    Experienced trauma chaplain & pastoral caregiver

  • Steve Burnett
    1st United Methodist
    Casper, WY

  • Rev. Philip Major
    St. Mark's
    Casper, WY

  • Rev. Brenda Fresli
    Grace Lutheran Church
    Casper, WY

“Normal Reactions to Very Abnormal Situations”
Common stress reactions after traumatic events

The points below may help you to understand what’s happening with you and with others at Casper College following the tragic incident on November 30, 2012. Should you feel the need for professional assistance regarding this event, please call Counseling Services at 307-268-2267. Outside of regular work hours, please call Campus Security at 307-268-2688, and the officer on duty will contact a counselor for you.

  1. The first thing we want you to realize is that, whatever is going on with you and other members of the college family right now, we’re all having normal reactions to a very, very abnormal situation. This level of trauma and tragedy has never happened here until now, and we don’t have a “recipe” for what to think or what to feel or what to do. Anything could be going on that makes us feel “crazy” or like something must be wrong with us, but please keep in mind -- it’s just a normal reaction to a very, very abnormal situation.

  2. One thing that you might be feeling, and that all in the campus community might be feeling, is a need to tell YOUR story. Each of us “saw” November 30, 2012 from our own perspective, and we tell the story from there. We might feel the need to tell it more than once, several times, over and over. People worry about this – “What’s wrong with me, I can’t stop talking about it.” That’s part of the process. And over time, as you TELL the story, you realize you’re no longer FEELING the story as well.

  3. Another thing we’re all likely experiencing right now are physical stress reactions. We all carry stress somewhere in our bodies – we get headaches, muscle tension, back aches, etc. Be aware of the clues your body is giving, and take care of yourself physically as you go through the process of dealing with this trauma.

  4. As you tell your story, and other folks tell their stories, you’ll see the entire gamut of emotions – some very tearful and sad, others laughing and joking. Again, people think “What’s wrong with me, why am I laughing when this is such a horrific situation?” Humor and laughter are strengths; they are some of the greatest resiliencies we have, and SHARED laughter is even better. Remember, as you think about and talk about the instructors we lost, it’s okay to laugh.

    Some folks, on the other hand, may still be in emotional shock; for them it may all still seem very “surreal.” They might not be talking about it at all yet. That’s okay too. It may take a couple weeks or even a couple months for some people to feel the full impact of what’s happened here. We’re taking care of each other now. . .we can’t forget that we need to continue to take care in the weeks and even months ahead. Just as there’s no “recipe” for handling trauma, there’s no time-line. Each of us is on his/her own schedule.

  5. You, and others around you, might be feeling some anger, and rightly so. Anger isn’t the “wrong” reaction to have. Oftentimes, however, the difficulty with anger is – we don’t know where to put it. When we’re angry at a specific person, we can confront that individual and say, “WHY did you do that?” We can get in his/her face, if we choose, and let our feelings out. There’s a place to put the anger “where it belongs,” so to speak. How do we “get in the face” of the situation that’s occurred here? Where does this anger belong? Anger is common after trauma, and its effects are often compounded by having no place to put it. Please be gentle with yourself and others when dealing with angry thoughts about the traumatic incident.

  6. Fears often remain after a traumatic event. Even though the threat is gone, even though we know, logically, that we aren’t in danger, we might still feel it. Sometimes our fears may not seem related to the event at all, and that’s common too. After trauma, we’re often in a heightened state of vigilance for a period of time, and totally unrelated sights or sounds can frighten us. Sometimes our fears come out in the form of nightmares – we might wake up in the middle of the night and feel as if we’re back in the building or right back in that moment, wherever our moment was. Remember to gently bring yourself back to here and now by connecting with something positive in the present. If you awake terrified in the middle of the night, touch the warm blanket your grandma made for you; if you’re feeling anxious on campus, focus on the flag flowing in the breeze or the sounds of the construction of new buildings – anything that positively brings you back to the reality of the current moment.

  7. Another typical stress reaction after trauma is difficulty concentrating. Stress has a way of taking words, names, phone numbers, and other thoughts right out of our heads and tossing them far away. You will forget things – common things that you’ve known for years – for a period of time following a traumatic event. Remember that this is yet another normal reaction to the extremely abnormal situation.

  8. If you feel, at any time, like you’re experiencing extreme or severe forms of these or other symptoms, or if you find yourself turning to alcohol or other drugs in order to avoid the feelings associated with the traumatic incident, please consult with a counseling professional. The Casper College Counseling Services office is located in the Strausner Student Center, room 220, and the phone number is 307-268-2267. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.
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