Center for Excellence

Center for Excellence

Casper College values the contributions of the entire college community.

The Center for Excellence was created to coordinate teaching and learning opportunities for the purpose of nurturing personal, professional and academic growth for all. To that end, the Center for Excellence Advisory Board created the following mission statement:

"The mission of the Center for Excellence is to cultivate a campus climate that recognizes, values, and promotes excellence in lifelong learning."

The Center for Excellence is a member of the following organizations:

Advisory Board

  • Melissa Connely
    (School of Science) (Faculty)
  • Thom DeVoogd
    (School of Fine Arts & Humanities) (Faculty)
  • Kelsey Deus
    (School of Science) (Faculty)
  • Heather Huber
    (School of Health Science) (Faculty)
  • Chauncy Johnson
    (Human Resources) (Administration)   
  • Mary Kubichek
    (School of Social and Behavioral Sciences) (Faculty)
  • David Lundahl
    (School of Health Science) (Adjunct Faculty)
  • Bill Mixer
    (School of Business & Industry) (Faculty)
  • Dave Mondle
    (Physical Plant) (Staff)
  • Libby Ngo
    (Library) (Staff)
  • Mike Olson
    (School of Fine Arts & Humanities) (Faculty)
  • David Siemens
    (Educational Resources) (Administration)
  • Dana Van Burgh
    (School of Science) (Adjunct Faculty)
  • Holly Wendt
    (School of Fine Arts & Humanities) (Faculty)