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Biology @ Casper CollegeBiology Department Mission: “Preparing Students for Life”.

The primary mission of the Biology Department is to provide academic training in Biology and pre-professional areas including medicine, dentistry, optometry, physical and occupational therapy and veterinary science. The Biology Department also assists in providing students the opportunity to earn a Baccalaureate degree in Biology on the Casper College campus via UW/CC.

Located in the Loftin Life Science Building, the Biology Department has state of the art teaching facilities and labs that are some of the best equipped in the region.  The exceptional faculty have diverse backgrounds and they are able to offer courses in a wide variety of biological areas. The faculty foster an interest in, and appreciation for, scientific inquiry.

The Biology Department has excellent facilities allowing educators to provide students with a rich experience in small classes with undivided attention.  The Biology Department offers degree programs in Biology and an array of pre-professional areas, as well as opportunities for research oriented exploration.  Fittingly for a college in a state where natural ecosystems are intact and spectacular, many of the classes emphasize field biology.  Biology courses are offered in both the traditional classroom setting and the Moodle on-line format.

Contact Information:    
Renee Hardy
Academic Assistant
(307) 268-2513
PS 132
      Dr. Scott Johnson
Department Head
(307) 268-2001
  • Brandi Atnip (BIOL)
    • Phone: (307) 268-2541
    • Office: LS 110
    • Weblink
  • C. Evert Brown (DENS- Department Head)
    • Phone: (307) 268-2407
    • Office: EI 111/120
    • Weblink
  • John Chase (BIOL)
    • Phone: (307) 268-2898
    • Office: LS 211
    • Weblink
  • Thomas Clifford (BIOL)
    • Phone: (307) 268-2687
    • Office: LS 207
    • Weblink
  • Kelsey Phillips (DENS)
    • Phone: (307) 268-2873
    • Office: EI 121
    • Weblink
  • Scott Johnson (BIOL- Department Head)
    • Phone: (307) 268-2001
    • Office: LS 208
    • Weblink
  • Sharyn Polley (BIOL)
    • Weblink
  • Will Robinson (BIOL)
    • Phone: (307) 268-2359
    • Office: LS 206
    • Weblink

The Greenhouse, operated by the Department of Environmental
and Natural Science, provides a unique educational
experience for our students and the community!

The greenhouse is utilized to enhance biology
and ecology courses at the college, along with
exposing local elementary schools to a wide variety
of plants and some wildlife.

Stop in and visit the cactus room, view unique
plants not ordinarily found in Wyoming, and take
time to find a turtle or talk to the birds!

Hours of Operation:

The Greenhouse will be open Monday thru Friday:   Noon-3 p.m. for drop in visitors.

Private tours can also be scheduled by contacting  Dr. Brown at 268-2407.


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The School of Science houses more than a dozen strong programs in the physical and life sciences. The faculty in the School of Science include accomplished paleontologists, physicists, engineers, mathematicians and seasoned professionals from agricultural, nutrition and other industries. Students have access to modern and well-equipped laboratories in the Loftin Life Science Center and the Wold Physical Science Center.

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