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On Course is a class that teaches you about YOU! In the course, students are introduced to characteristics of successful students and through self-reflection and critical thinking they learn how to apply these concepts to their own lives. These characteristics include: Accepting personal responsibility, discovering self-motivation, mastering self-management, employing interdependence, gaining self-awareness, adopting lifelong learning and developing emotional intelligence.The class is taught from a student-learning perspective which means classes are not lecture based but active with group work, experiential activities and discussion.

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This is what previous On Course students have said about the class:

“When I first walked in to my on course class I didn’t know what to expect. I just thought it was just going to be another college class that will have homework, tests, and etc. Needless to say I was blown away with what happened throughout the course. My favorite topic was learning about my inner critic, guide, and defender. Not only did I understand this topic well, I started applying it into my everyday situations and life really started to get better it seemed. If you are skeptical about this class don’t be, it isn’t like any other class you have had in the past and if you put forth effort into the class I can guarantee you that you will be greatly rewarded with skills and abilities you will use for the rest of your life.” –Casey Fox, 13FA Student

“I was good enough before On Course, but good enough doesn’t cut it. On Course is teaching me to be exceptional in school, in work, in relationships and to put forth my best in all I do.” –Anna Schaffer, 13FA student

“…I feel like that’s what this class was teaching me. How to balance my life in a way that is on purpose, deliberate and thought out.” Shannon Gibson, 13FA Student

“On course has helped me understand the importance of time management through new learned organization and planning skills acquired in this class…These new skills have been validated by the increase in my grades, reduction in my tendency to procrastinate assigned tasks, and improvement in my time management. On Course has given me a positive outlook for my future in my college in endeavors, as well as new skills that I can apply to my everyday life.” Chasity Dutton, 13FA Student

“The class [On Course] has been one of the best I have taken so far. It has given me skills to use in other classes…” –Whitney Reams, 13FA Student



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