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  Name of folder: Folder includes:
CC Arrow Puzzle survey results
  • Administrative results
  • Faculty results
  • Staff results
  • Misc. results
CC Arrow Foundation
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • By-laws
  • Minutes
  • Misc. examples of support
CC Arrow University of Wyoming/Casper College
  • MOU's
  • Veritas Honors transfer program agreement
  • Misc. agreements
  • New Transfer Students '07-'08
CC Arrow Financial
  • Budgets (last 5 years)
CC Arrow

Conferences, Festivals, Recitals, Series, Art Events

CC Arrow Distance Education
  • Misc. contracts
CC Arrow Continuing Education
  • Program descriptions
CC Arrow Student Life, Success and Accomplishments
  • Dean's list
  • Honor roll 1996-2006
  • Student publications
  • Student support materials
CC Arrow BOCES  
CC Arrow Resident Assistant Manual  
CC Arrow Early Childhood Learning Center Manual  
CC Arrow Facility Usage Contracts  
CC Arrow Title III
  • Map-Works
  • Accomodative Services
  • ADA officer documentation
  • Listing of ADA compliance projects
CC Arrow Tate Geological Museum  
CC Arrow Health Sciences
  • Accreditation for Rad. Tech. program
  • Agreements
  • Surveys
  • Evaluations
CC Arrow By-Laws
  • Alumni Association
  • T-Bird Booster Club
CC Arrow Board Members (Casper College)  
CC Arrow Administrative Sabbactical Leave  
CC Arrow Writing Center  
CC Arrow Peer-Tutoring  
CC Arrow Diversity Committee  
CC Arrow Athletic publications  
CC Arrow Human Resources
  • Policy Manual
  • New Employee packet
  • Examples of training\
  • Misc. other items
CC Arrow Information Technology  
CC Arrow Business Incubator  
CC Arrow Curriculum Committee  
CC Arrow Committee Minutes (misc.)
  • CD with minutes
CC Arrow Realignment process
  • Committee names
CC Arrow Agreements  
CC Arrow Assessment
  • Assessment program reports
  • "Assessment in action" newsletter
  • Campus Climate
  • CAAP
  • General Education
  • Graduate Surveys
  • Transfer Students report
  • Monitoring report after 1999 visit
  • CCSSE Institutiona Report 2007
CC Arrow Planning Documents
  • Institutional Planning
  • Strategic Plan
  • Master Facilities Plan
  • WCCC Strategic Plan 1998-2002
  • CC Academic Affairs Planning document 2001-2006
  • Master Plan
CC Arrow Casper College Catalogs
  • 1945 +- current date
  • Sample class schedules
CC Arrow Self Study
  • 1987 +- 2009
  • Addemdums to 2009 Self Study
CC Arrow Diversity Committee notebook  
CC Arrow Paralegal Program  

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