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CC Alumni Chelsey BryantThe Accounting Department at Casper College provides educational programs which parallel the first two years of a baccalaureate education and prepares students for vocational and professional degrees. It is our mission to provide excellence in education for the purpose of advancing the accounting profession and developing future professionals for business.

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Contact Information:
Rachel Wright
Academic Assistant
CS 116

Mark Oxley
Department Head

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2009 graduate Chelsey Bryan
Kilmer and Associates

  • Gary Becker
    • Phone: (307) 268-2242
    • Office: BU 209
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  • Liz Ott
    • Phone: (307) 268-2493
    • Office: BU 208
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  • Mark Oxley
    • Phone: (307) 268-2414
    • Office: BU 108
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Accounting Advisory Board members

Member Name Member Organization Meeting Minutes

Laurie Longtine
Christine Boomgarden
Joanne Kumor
Connie Kennerkneckt
Shannon Jackett
Sandy Sowder
Dirk Montgomery
Jim Porter
Mike Lovelett
Julie Melder
Deca Wasson
Dick Bratton

Lesley Travers
Gary Becker
Liz Ott
Mark Oxley

Ledger Plus
Chris Boomgarden, CPA
Macy & Associates
Defense Technology
WSBA Area 2 Director
Liberty Tax
Porter Muirhead Cornia & Howard CPA's
Porter Muirhead Cornia & Howard CPA's
Lovelett Skogen & Associates P.C.
Leo Riley & Company
City of Casper, Finance Division Manager
Jona Inc.

Casper College
Casper College
Casper College
Casper College

Porter Muirhead Cornia & Howard CPA's meeting room photo

The Accounting Department at Casper College takes an active role in the placement activities of its students.  As part of our commitment to students and the profession, instructors advise students of career opportunities in the various areas of the accounting profession.   The Accounting Department maintains contact with area professionals for the purpose of placing students.  Many of these professionals are Casper College graduates and welcome the opportunity to employ additional graduates.  Please refer to the Alumni tab to see and read what they say about the Casper College program. 

Casper College students graduating with a two-year Associates Degree are qualified to acquire entry-level bookkeeping and tax preparation positions that have beginning salaries of $33,000 to $38,0000 a year.  With some experience and proven ability students can then advance to positions earning $55,000 + a year.  

After earning an associates degree at Casper College, students may also choose to pursue a four-year Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s Degree and sit for and pass the CPA exam. The potential to finish your bachelor degree online exists as we have current students and past graduates who are or have attended Franklin University and Chadron State College online while staying in Casper. Visit our University Partnership page at to learn more.

If students pursue these steps of further education and certification, earnings potential and ability to move into management positions will also increase.

There is a steady and growing demand for accounting professionals in Casper and the surrounding area which creates great opportunities for Casper College Accounting Students.

We look forward to seeing you at Casper College soon!

Graduates photo

Many of our graduates have been placed at local companies such as,
Porter Muirhead Cornia & Howard, Lovelett, Skogen & Associates, P.C. and Kilmer & Associates

See where they are now and read testimonials of their journey at Casper College below.



Where are they now?


Robert Porter photo
Robert Porter
Shareholder - Porter Muirhead Cornia & Howard
Susan Frank photo
Susan Frank
Shareholder - Porter Muirhead Cornia & Howard
Adjunct instructor at Casper College

Misty Wolcott

Misty Wolcott close-up photo

"My experience with Casper College began in 1997 when I was seventeen years old. I was a teenage mother and a high school dropout, but I had dreams for my future, dreams I knew I could not accomplish without an education.

In May 1997 I walked acorss the stage at the Roberts Commons to receive my GED through Casper College's General Education Development Program. I was nine months pregnant with my second child. Seven years later, in the Spring of 2004, I entered the Accounting Program and my life has not been the same since.

I graduated from Casper College in May 2006 with an Associate of Business degree in Accounting. I continued my education at the University of Wyoming, graduating in December 2007 with my Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. I sat for, and passed, all four sections of the CPA exam in January 2008.

I am now a licensed CPA practicing with Lovelett, Skogen & Associates, P.C. in Casper. I know I would not be where I am today without all the help I received from Casper College. The resources available to me at Casper College, combined with the wonderful staff, allowed me to succeed as a nontraditional student. I will forever be grateful to have been given the opportunity to achieve my dreams."

Tabetha Berge

Close-up photo of Tabitha Berge

"Casper College was an excellent place to start my career. Through their committed instructors and alliance programs, I was able to stay in my home town of Casper and still get the education I needed to enter the public accounting field. The opportunites that the accounting department offers can and does open the doors to just about any field you can imagine. I was able to get my associates at Casper College as well as take the core classes I needed to transfer to the Franklin Unversity of Ohio Allicance program. With Franklin, I was able to complete the upper level classes I needed in order to meet the requirements required by the Wyoming State Board of Accountancy in order to sit for the CPA exam. Had it not been for opportunites that Casper College made available to me, including the experience of online courses, I likely would not be in the position I am in today."

Denise Uhrig

Close-up photo of Denise Uhrig

"Casper College was the first step in my accounting career. I received my associate's degree in accounting from Casper College and continued on to the community college alliance program with Franklin University of Ohio to receive my bachelor's degree in accounting in the summer of 2009. Currently I am working for Porter Muirhead Cornia & Howard while studying to take the CPA exam.

I look back at my experiences at Casper College fondly both for the people that I met there and the education that I received. Casper College gave me a strong foundation in accounting and opened up a great deal of opportunities for me in my career."

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